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Purple heart clickable button linked to the RIVA membership application.


Includes refugee and immigrant led and serving organizations that are committed to working together, share their experience with each other and, produce actionable recommendations for their community leaders and policymakers at the local and state level.


As a member of RIVA you can receive a number of benefits, including:

  • Support with administration, planning, and research

  • Assistance with media, messaging and promotional materials

  • ​Participation in convened meetings to advocate and raise awareness

  • Increased profile on website and access to network of statewide stakeholdersOpportunities for peer-to-peer learning and support

  • Facilitate coordination for vaccine clinics

  • On-call health care provider to answer questions about COVID-19 and vaccineAccess to library of multilingual vaccine educational resources, communication toolkits and trainings

  • Access to available funding opportunities and support with reporting


As a member we ask you engage in growing the alliance through:

  • Attending regular RIVA subcommittee meetings & events

  • Collaborate, share, learn and support other members to build solidarity

  • Submit data, stories, and reports timely

  • Gather and provide information and participate in determining the direction of the alliance

  • Assist with recommending and recruiting new members.

  • Participate in assessments about impacts of COVID-19, and community strengths and needs

  • Serve as an ambassador for the work of the coalition and promote its mission.

Are you ready to take the MEMBERSHIP PLEDGE?

Refugees and immigrants face many obstacles trying to develop themselves in the U.S. The COVID-19 pandemic has vastly added to the resource limitations in communities across the nation. To our statewide immigrant and refugee organizations & leaders who believe in the importance of social justice and the support of immigrant communities, this is an invitation to join the Refugee & Immigrant Vaccine Alliance (RIVA). A pledge to organize, build people-power, develop equitable vaccine access and relevant tools related to COVID-19 pandemic and related consequences. 


Our mission and values revolve around the exploration of advocacy, education & community development possibilities that aid immigrants and refugees. We commit to serve as voices, friends, mentors, and educators to rebuild, integrate, service, and empower Iowa’s growing community. 

As a part of the alliance members will agree to the following:

  • Open and fluent communication between partnerships 

  • Use the tools created by the Refugee & Immigrant Vaccine Alliance

  • Build solidarity to increase our ability to help one another

  • Remove barriers, foster equity and inclusion

  • Leverage community power between leaders


Thank you for your commitment and promise to serve refugees and immigrants across Iowa.

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